Essentials for a Successful Work from Home Set-Up

A shift towards online learning and remote work has increased our reliance on being productive from home. You may have been left scurrying to find any surface large and even enough to write notes on, forced to create a makeshift workspace to hold you through for a little while.

As time continued and the situation became more permanent, new complications arose that we have never had to deal with before. One of which being the increasingly blurred line between work, study, and relaxation. These difficulties can negatively impact our daily routines and our ability to reach goals.

Whilst you may have limited space or separation from the rest of your household, you can still create a workspace that is ideal for you. We have put together a short list of suggestions that will help improve your workspace and ultimately, help you remain focused and on task during the day.

Make it Functional


At its core, a workspace must be functional so that you can physically complete the tasks at hand. This means having a desk that doesn’t shake, an even work surface and a place that you can use to separate different topics, if needed. If you want to maximise your workspace, it could be helpful to invest in a laptop holder!

Get Plugged In

We heavily rely on technology today. So, when the battery on our laptop or tablet begins to run low, it is best to have the charger at arm’s reach – as well as a power socket. This removes the need to panic and the scramble to find a charger when your device is on less than 10 per cent. It means that you won’t have a major lapse in concentration and can carry on completing your task with little disruption.

Chase the Sunshine


Natural lighting has many benefits, such as a reduction in headaches and eye strain. Setting up your workspace near a window can significantly increase your motivation and make your desk look inviting. Relying upon natural rather than artificial light will also help maintain your routine and will hopefully act as an extra incentive to wake up early in the mornings!

For more information on the positives of natural light in workspaces, click here.

Personalise Your Space

Spending all day sitting at a desk just one step away from your bed is difficult. It can make your workspace a negative area that you increasingly do not want to sit at for hours at a time. Personalising your workspace will help create a welcoming environment for you. There are several ways you can make the space your own – put some plants nearby, place post-it notes with positive quotes on the surrounding walls or light your favourite candle.


Bring Comfort In

It wouldn’t be realistic to create the exact same environment as you had when at school, university or work. Simply because you are not in that setting anymore. Studying and working from home brings along with it several other complexities, such as maintaining your own routine, finding enough room to complete your work and noise levels. Some of these you may be able to change, but others could be out of your control.

These circumstances are not your fault. So, if you need to bring that blanket over to your desk, or wear tracksuit bottoms to your zoom calls, then do it. Times are extremely difficult at the moment and allowing yourself that extra comfort that only comes when working from home is not a sign of failure, but perseverance.  

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