International Women's Day Interviews

As part of International Women’s Day we have decided to celebrate a number of amazing women who choose to challenge and call out gender bias and inequality through their careers.

Through these interviews we hope to inspire women to take the lead and help create an inclusive world for the younger generation.

Cate Conway, Radio Personality

”In radio I’ve felt that female presenters are thought of as female first and presenter second. I had issues with fighting against the ‘token female’ stereotype in instances when I felt there was no need for my performance or ability to be linked to my gender. We definitely need more females in radio, at all levels!”

Aoife Doherty, Founder of Sass & Halo

”As a young woman starting my business in general, I found it hard to be taken seriously when choosing this as my career path, which often led to me explaining over and over again until they listened and understood.”

Anna Harley, Engineer and PhD Student

”Grab every opportunity that comes your way. Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity. Look for possibilities and don’t focus on limitations, Take control of your life; be selective with things and people. Feed your intellect, stimulate your imagination, and continue to grow.”

Celebrating Women In Business, With Katie Matthews

Katie Matthews, Founder of the Mind Tribe

”Don’t wait for opportunities – go out and seek them, seize them and if they don’t exist, create them! Your life is your own and you can choose what you decide to do with it. Carve out your own path, follow your passions, surround yourself with exceptional people and believe in yourself. You are capable of amazing things, you have potential, you have gifts, talents, skills and knowledge to offer this world, so share them!”

Rioghnach Kavanagh, Barrister

”You cannot pour from an empty cup: be firm with the boundaries you set yourself. Everyone has different priorities in life, don’t compromise your own to please others. Most importantly, never apologise for standing up for yourself, both professionally and in your personal life, My mum always instilled this in me and it hasn’t steered me wrong yet!”

Yasmin Geddis, Founder of Zachary Geddis break the Silence Trust

”My advice would be to use your voice and stand up for those unable to use theirs. Trust yourself and not others opinions, you are never going to please everyone. So you might as well choose the road less travelled by.”

Alanna Mullan, PhD Nuclear Physics and Engineering Student

”I’ve said this before many times but get involved. Volunteer, attend tea mornings, careers days. You will meet people who will shape your life for the better, even if just in passing. It is so good for the soul to be surrounded in like minded people, whether that be confident or kind or ambitious. I felt like it was really uncool to get really involved during my undergraduate studies, but I regret all that missed opportunity now.”

Challenges Faced By Women In STEM, with Alanna Mullan

Leonie Sheehan, Manager and Marketer

”I feel like the younger female generation have such an empowerment around them and I LOVE IT. So much more educated than I was. My advice would be keep following what you want, know your worth and ALWAYS empower other women no matter what. I find there’s so much more strength behind women who empower each other. Never ever let someone tell you that you can’t do something because ‘you’re just a little girl’. YOU CAN DO IT and you can probably do it in heels.”

Elizabeth Moran, Digital Creator

”Ignore any stereotypes or glass ceilings that are imposed on you. Try and make a career out of something you genuinely love doing and empower other females as you grow. There is plenty of room for everyone no matter your industry, another woman’s success is not detrimental to yours. Try to become allies with your competition and support each other, you probably have more in common than you think.”

Brónagh Healey, Online Security Advisor

”As a young women joining the security profession, it was evident I would have to fight for my place. In my early days my work was often dismissed and on several occasions I was overlooked for promotion, dispute having the same credentials, experience and expertise as my male counterparts parts. Thankfully I am head strong and know my worth, I believed in my skills and abilities and have worked my way into a senior role. ”

Eve Havlin-Glenn, Founder of Lavender & Lillies

”Honestly I think the majority of people are so supportive & encouraging so I haven’t had many challenges which is great. I think women are starting to support each other a lot more which is amazing. Ive always believed there is enough work for everyone and think everyone both male & female should get the opportunity to do a job that they love. 

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