Celebrating Women In Business, With Eve Havlin-Glenn

As part of international Women’s Day we are celebrating Women in Business and the challenges they face within their careers. 

Eve’s first job was as a florist at age 16. She worked in the floral industry for almost ten years before going full time into beauty therapy for 3 years. When Eve was planning her wedding it brought back her love of working with flowers, but this time it was with silk flowers instead of fresh ones.

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1. What challenges have you faced as a women within your industry?

Honestly I think the majority of people are so supportive & encouraging so I haven’t had many challenges which is great. I think women are starting to support each other a lot more which is amazing. Ive always believed there is enough work for everyone and think everyone both male & female should get the opportunity to do a job that they love. 

2. Who is your female role model?

My wee mammy, she is the most kindest, loving & patient person ever, I’m very protective over her to!

3. What advice do you have for younger generations of women? 

If you want to know what type of person you are, look at the people you have around you, ‘you are the company you keep’ has always been an important quote for me as I’ve got older. 

Loving and being passionate about your career is also so important, you have to love what you do as work is where you spend most of your time each week. Always write out your gratitude list each day. I use my five minute journal and it is the best book I have ever bought.

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