International Women's Day With Cate Conway

As part of international Women’s Day we are celebrating Women in radio and the challenges they face within their careers. 

Cate Conway is a freelance radio presenter currently with U105 after over 4 years of hosting Q Breakfast with Stephen Clements. Alongside radio, Cate is also a voiceover artist of 12 years and is the founder of Quirky Weddings

What challenges have you faced as a female within your industry?

To the younger generation I’d say please lift your head out of social media as much as you can. It forces comparison and encourages you to create a false version of your life. Be open about how you feel but use that to connect to people on a human level – not to get attention. Be the real you because that’s how you’ll interact on a more valuable level, professionally and personally.

Who is your female role-model and why?

My female role model is Pamela Ballantine! She is an absolute legend. I’ve seen her host so many events of different types and she can command the room with such strength and grace, it’s very impressive. It can be daunting being on stage in front of maybe 500 people who have all had a lot to drink but she handles it effortlessly. She’s funny, engaging, professional and so lovely.

What advice would you give to the younger female generation and what can they do to make a difference?

In radio I’ve felt that female presenters are thought of as female first and presenter second. I had issues with fighting against the ‘token female’ stereotype in instances when I felt there was no need for my performance or ability to be linked to my gender. Things were said that wouldn’t have entered someone’s head to say if I had been male. We definitely need more females in radio, at all levels!

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