International Women's Day 2021 - Women In Leadership

International Women’s Day falls on Tuesday 8th March this year. The theme is #ChooseToChallenge

We are responsible for our own thoughts and actions in our lives. If we all choose to challenge the gender bias and inequality that we witness; collectively, we can help to create an inclusive world.

Each challenge will spark change for an equal tomorrow, today.

So, what's been happening?

The past 12 months have been hectic and it’s been difficult to keep up with ever changing lockdown restrictions. Understandably, you may have missed important news relating to gender inequality. But not to worry, we have created an easy catch-up for you! We will be getting you updated using important gender gap statistics and global news. 

Woman at a WhiteBoard

Anna Harley, Engineer

”Grab every opportunity that comes your way. Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity. Look for possibilities and don’t focus on limitations, Take control of your life; be selective with things and people. Feed your intellect, stimulate your imagination, and continue to grow.”

Rioghnach Kavanagh, Barrister

”You cannot pour from an empty cup: be firm with the boundaries you set yourself. Everyone has different priorities in life, don’t compromise your own to please others. Most importantly, never apologise for standing up for yourself, both professionally and in your personal life.”

International Women's Day Interviews

As part of International Women’s Day we are celebrating a number of amazing women who choose to challenge and call out gender bias and inequality through their careers.

The Gender Gap In STEM

Although more women are entering the world of STEM, it is still a male dominated field. Check out our blog post on why women are underrepresented in STEM careers and what we can do to change this.

Resources and Support

International Women’s Day is celebrated in many different ways across the globe! If you are lacking any inspiration for 8 March, we can point you in the right direction with a list of resources for individuals, schools and work places. It is also important to support women long-term so that we can create a better future for all. There is an infinite amount of ways in which we can encourage, celebrate and support women today. We have listed a few organisations to help you start making a difference today!

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