An Interview With Will Grieve, Personal Trainer

At aged 18 Will only had rugby on his mind, however he obtained an injury and was advised not to make a return to the sport. After his recovery Will worked two part-time jobs in the hospitality industry, but Will felt like this was not the career for him. Between shifts Will started working out again and began to feel the benefits of bringing some exercise back in to his routine.

Will decided to take the leap and start his career journey in Personal Training as he wanted to help others with their physical and mental health. After completing a range of qualifications, Will moved to Glasgow where he worked in Pure Gym to gain experience and build up his clients. After his time here Will moved to a PT studio in Glasgow’s West End and after a further 2 years he moved into his very own private PT studio called Power HQ where he is based today.

In this episode Will discusses his journey towards a career in personal training and offers advice to anyone who is interested in following a career in the sports industry.

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