An Interview With Caolán Austin From Smalltown America

Meet Caolán. Caolán is an Engineer/Producer and Mixer at Smalltown America Studio. From a young age Caolán had a love for music as he played drums & clarinet in various bands & orchestras and also recorded his own music. Leaving school, Caolán studied Music Technology at the Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC) with Queen’s University Belfast.

During his degree Caolán interned at Smalltown America Studio where he now works full-time producing, and mixing songs for a range of artists. Many bands that Caolán has worked with have toured across the UK, America & Europe, and their songs have received airtime on mainstream radio stations, including BBC Radio 1.

In this episode we discuss with Caolán careers in the music industry and what life is like working in a recording studio.

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We would like to thank Caolán for taking the time to share his career story with us.

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