How To Manage A Side Hustle With A Full Time Job

An Interview Jessica McCauley, Founder of Wildflower Custom Designs

Jessica is the founder of a business called Wildflower Custom Designs. This is a side hustle that Jessica manages alongside her full time career in the library and as a hairdresser. 

In this episode we discuss changing career paths, how to set up a side hustle while balancing your work and personal life and tips on how to market to your target audience on social media.

An Interview With Jessica, Founder of Wildflower Custom Designs

More About Jessica

From a young age Jessica wanted to study electrical engineering in university and follow a similar path to her Dad who is an electrician. To take the next steps towards this career Jessica studied subjects for GCSE that complimented engineering, including Maths and Physics. Jessica was interested in pursuing these subjects in greater depth at A Level.  However, she was not able to study these subjects at a higher level.

This lead Jessica to feel confused about what steps she should take next and after some consideration, decided to study Psychology, Business Studies and ICT. Alongside her A Level exams Jessica also studied a Level 2 hair dressing course in night classes at a local college.

After passing all of her final exams Jessica still felt confused about what to do next as her studies were no longer related to engineering. After much consideration, Jessica took a year out from applying to university courses to a level 3 hairdressing course. From here she continued to develop her career in hair and beauty by completing a Level 4 (HNC) and a Level 5 (HNC) qualification. 

Alongside a career as a hairdresser Jessica learnt some crafts and crochet in her spare time. This was the start of her journey towards finding her side hustle Wildflower Custom Designs.

What Does Wildflower Custom Design Do?

Wildflower Custom Designs create a range of hand made products. This ranges from headbands, jewellery personalised resin products, crochet items, frames, wedding crafts and so much more! Through her side hustle Jessica helps to bring her customer’s ideas to life. Here are some of the custom made products crafter by Jessica:

How To Set Up A Side Hustle

Thanks For Listening. We would like to thank Jessica for taking the time to share her side hustle journey with us.

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