An Interview With Alanna Mullan, Nuclear Science & Technology Student

Meet Alanna. Throughout secondary school Alanna fell in love with the topic of nuclear physics. Leaving sixth form, Alanna decided to continue her love of physics by studying it for her degree at the University of Manchester. After graduating, Alanna was interested in taking a gap year from studying and worked in the hospitality sector. However, Alanna realised this wasn’t the career for her and decided to study a masters Nuclear Science and Technology.

During this masters course, Alanna travelled and gained experience in the field of nuclear physics. One of the places that Alanna travelled to included Vienna where she was given the opportunity to work with nuclear reactors. Throughout this time, Alanna was also offered an internship with the United Nations where she worked in response to nuclear emergencies.

Alanna is currently finishing up her internship with the United Nations and plans on moving back to Manchester to complete a PhD in nuclear physics.

Throughout this episode Alanna discusses her journey after leaving school, what a days work looks like as a STEM student, and she also offers great advice to young women who are interested in following a STEM related career path.

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