An Interview With Anna Harley, Engineer & Women In STEM

Anna Harley, Women In STEM

After completing A-Level exams, Anna went to the Magee campus of Ulster University to study BEng Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. This was a four-year sandwich course which included one year of placement. Anna decided to complete her placement at Seagate, as she wanted to gain a better understanding of what happens within a factory. Within Seagate, Anna held the position of a Mechanical and Building Services intern. This experience gave her the opportunity to work on a range of products and network with technicians, engineers, and contractors.

After graduating with a first, Anna was offered a place on a PhD focusing on Metal Additive Manufacturing. Through the PhD she has travelled to many places including Stockholm and Glasgow and is also a member of the North West Centre for Advanced Manufacturing (NWCAM) research group at Catalyst.

Anna is currently finishing up her PhD and is excited for what is next in store for her career as an engineer. In this episode we discuss what it is like to study engineering at university, the benefits of completing an internship, and she also offers great advice for women who are interested in following a STEM career.

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