An Interview With Squint Creative, Digital Marketing Agency

Squint Creative is a digital marketing agency based in Belfast. Their team consists of Elizabeth Moran and brothers Anthony and Ryan Heaney. Each of them have experienced very different journeys from school and have developed skills that they bring together to create marketing plans for a range of businesses across the UK.

Elizabeth and Anthony both met at Randox, where they currently work. They decided to use their love of graphic design and videography to create their side hustle. Ryan is currently a marketing student and he joined the team to help Elizabeth and Anthony in creating branding and digital designs. Some of the businesses that Squint Creative have worked with include, Finn Lough, Tower Above Clothing and MUHU.

In this episode we discuss changing career paths, what it is like to work at a digital marketing agency, and life as a startup. Elizabeth, Anthony and Ryan each offer advice about their different career paths and how you can develop your skill set at home.

Meet The Team

Anthony Heaney
Creative Director

Elizabeth Moran
Art Director

Ryan Heaney
Content Director

Thanks For Listening

We would like to thank Anthony, Elizabeth and Ryan for taking the time to share their career stories with us.

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