An Interview With Rory Kelly From MRK Events & Junk Kouture

After finishing the leaving cert in secondary school, Rory was offered a scholarship at the Institute of Technology in Sligo to study a degree in business. However, halfway into his first year Rory realised it wasn’t the degree for him and decided to leave. A few months later, Rory moved towards playing football for Derry City and also studying journalism at the North West Regional College on the side.

Rory moved to Liverpool to complete a degree in journalism and after graduating, he moved home and worked in McGrory’s Hotel in Culdaff. This is where Rory got his first taster of what it would be like to work in events management and promoting music events.

A while later, Rory moved to London after he was offered a position working at a Sports Management Agency. Alongside his full-time position, Rory worked with his sister Megan to create their music management company MRK Events. Rory now works full-time at the recycled fashion show competition Junk Kouture and manages his company MRK Events on the side.

In this episode we will discuss what it is like to change career paths, careers in journalism, and what a days work looks like in events management.

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We would like to thank Rory for taking the time to share his career story with us.

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